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Principle of design Good image


Balanced:This picture is kind of balanced .There is to much on the right side but there is also words on the left to catch your attention.Also the colours are balanced .If the colour was really bright in one side then really dark brown or black , you might be more attracted to the neon side then the dark.

Proximity: This is a good picture for proximity because there isnt anything really to link together,theresepAlignment:Everything is aligned in this picture nothing is to close together ,if anything its far apart so you can see it more.And the picture is very exciting the neon colours catch your attention and if you like this person (deadmau5) that would also attract your attention.

Repitition: There is alot of repitition in this picture.they use circles in this picture and are repeted through out..And the colours are repeted also .

Contrast:There is also a lo of contrast in this picture because there are circles everywhere ,really pretty colours ,and words.The colours complement each other .The pink compliments the blue in this picture.Which draws your attention.

White space: There is no white space in this picture.It is very crowded And not really any room to “breath”.


Principles of design



Balance: This picture is balanced everything is in order and nothing is out of place or disporportioned . Other than ,the picture is to much on the right side and t leaves a big gap in the top left side. It attracts the veiwers attention to the right side of the image.

Proximity: I think everything is pretty much related to one another. nothing is wrong with this, the man is getting his eyes checked out for eye glasses. And the docter is testing him for his vision to see if he really needs glasses.

Alignement: Everything is aligned it looks neat but nothing sticks out to catch your eye.This picture is very boringThe words are a bit difficult to read,the top is small and the bottom is extremly small so you cant really make out what there saying.And also..its not spaced or in order so the words are more difficult to see.

Repetiton:Nothing is not really repeted.   Other then the two men.

Contrast: There is almost no contrast.Nothing catches your eye or makes you focus on what part.It is a very boring dull picture

White space: There is white space but thats the only thing you u really get attracted to in this picture.Again.. There is nothing to attract your eye in this picture there is nothing to crowded ,so the picture is not giving the image a “breather” because nothings really happening

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